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Foundation I -  Designed  For VI – VIII  Studying  Students  Which  Prepare  Them  For  Foundation  Of   IIT – JEE  (Main & Advance) / NEET-UG (Pre  Medical  Exams ) And  Various  Junior  Competitive  Exams  Like  NTSE , JSTS , KVPY  And  National / International  Olympiads.

Foundation II - Designed  For IX – X  Studying  Students  Which  Prepare  Them  For  Foundation  Of   IIT – JEE  (Main & Advance) / NEET-UG (Pre  Medical  Exams ) And  Various  Junior  Competitive  Exams  Like  NTSE , JSTS , KVPY  And  National / International  Olympiads.

The Main  Focus  Of  Both  Courses  Are  To  Prepare  Students  For  Mentally  Strong And  Tough  And  Analytical  Mind  Development By  Clearing  Basic  Fundamentals  And  Concepts.

Foundation I

COURSES Details Subject
VI Studying Student  Maths , Science  25,000/year
VII Studying Student  Maths , Science  25,000/year
VIII Studying Student  Maths , Science  30,000/year

Foundation II

COURSES Details Subject
IX Studying  Maths , Science  35,000/year
X th Studying  Maths , Science  40,000/year