Franchise Opportunity


Great people make a great company. The mission that we have set for ourselves would require the best of minds with a commitment to develop human potential.

Apex Education is committed to an undefined excellence and with its upraised ideals; it is thereby contributing to an intellectual educational setup where success is not a limit.
For our expansion plans, we are seeking Franchisee Partners, who have potential & enthusiasm to showcase their talent in education industry.

Why Franchise

With our commitment in developing successful IITians, Engineers, and Doctors and create good citizens and in a continous part of our endeavour to reach the students residing even in small cities all across the country, we are looking for promising entrepreneurs who can be our valuable partners in our ever continuing story of success.We invest a lot of time, money and effort in each one of our franchisees and hence are very selective in our choice of franchisee. The Franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture.

Prerequisites for our franchise

1.) Right Entrepreneurial Attitude. 

2.) Investment Capacity of about 20 – 50 lacs.

3.) 2000 to 2500 sq.ft of Space / Infrastructure.

Benefits you get as our Franchise

1.) Director’s Message.

2.) Strengths Of Apex Education.

3.) Our Support To Franchise.

4.) Ongoing Business Guidance and Support.

5.) Courses You Can Run.


Q-1: Where can i open a franchise center?

Ans.: Anywhere in India, where you get a decent population.

Q-2: What exactly is the APEX EDUCATION business model?

Ans.: The APEX EDUCATION franchise model is following the best approach where APEX EDUCATION provides complete know-how of all its Operating Model, Teaching Methodology, Study Material, Technical Expertise, Marketing & Training Systems and management methods to the franchise.

Q-3: What assistance and continued support will I receive?

Ans.: Following are the support services provided by APEX EDUCATION.

  • Training and continuous development to faculties and key staff.
  • Study Material.
  • Working Model Manual.
  • Teaching Methodology.
  • Marketing and Advertisement support in central advertising and guidelines on local proApex Educational activities.
  • Centralized Examination and Certification process.

The above facilities and support will be strictly governed by the terms and conditions as stipulated in the franchise agreement operating the manual.

Q-4: What if i need assistance with something?

Ans.: APEX EDUCATION has qualified management support team to assist you with any of your problems you may have. Our Business Development Manager will visit your center regularly to provide product updates and any assistance you may need. Help is only a phone call away.

Q-5: Is any prior experience on the part of the franchise required?

Ans.: Not necessarily. However we prefer to have people with some expertise in education field, but as we provide full support, we also welcome people with a strong motivation and commitment and who wish to get into a symbiotic and long-term relationship with us.

Q-6: How many centers can one city have?

Ans.: The number of the center for a particular city will be decided according to the market size and population. In Metros at the maximum, only 4 centers will be permitted at this point of time. In non-metro cities, only 2 centers will be permitted.


Mr.Ashok Kumar
E-mail: Managing Director
Contact No: 9811661072 , 9811661073, 8178516885 

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